Clearwater River Casino Concerts

clearwater river casino concerts

Clearwater River Casino Concerts

If you’re looking for Florida City’s most exciting events, then look no further than the Clearwater River Casino Concert Series. This year they have three huge concerts lined up that will be held at this city’s famous strip club. That’s right, the River’s Casino and Pleasure Isle – both locations are open and ready to host some of the biggest names in country music.

The concerts that will be taking place this year include a two-night stand with hometown country artists Mavis Staples and Jon Pardi. There will also be an exclusive “Birthday Show” featuring singers Lori McKenna and Melissa Johnson as well as the new tour debut of Boyz II Men. This year’s concerts take place on May 10th and 11th and will cost a mere $25 per ticket. Other attractions are not far behind as well, including the amazing Gator Canyon Water Park which is the perfect place to relax after a hard day of gambling.

The Clearwater River Casino is located in Tampa’s booming downtown area, offering some of the most thrilling entertainment in Florida. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, these shows are guaranteed to be something to remember for years to come. Here are some of the highlights:

Mavis Staples: Mavis Staples is one of country music’s top superstars. Her famous songs such as “All I Want to Do”Sugar Daddy” have kept her at the top of the charts for years. Mavis Staples is actually a very good friend of many of Clearwater’s famous personalities as well as many of Clearwater’s local dignitaries.

Jon Pardi: Jon Pardi is considering one of the most popular country music fans in the world. He has released eight platinum albums and performed at over thirty-five major concerts. If you want to see Jon Pardi live, then look no further than this year’s Clearwater River Casino Concert Series.

Boyz II Men: This three-piece is currently touring the country and has been drawing massive crowds at all of their concerts. They have released seven albums together and have sold millions of records. With several countries still to tour, you can expect a lot of love from them at the Clearwater River Casino Concert Series.

Lobo Brothers: This eight piece rock band will also be joining the lineup. Their “Prodigal Son” album features some of the best and hardest-rocking country music around. Fans will be happy to see their name on stage again and this year’s concert schedule will be the first time they have ever played in Clearwater.

While the Clearwater River Casino is one of the best in the country, there are always more to do in the great state of Florida. If you are looking for some exciting live entertainment, a night out on the town or even just some relaxing time away from the stress of everyday life, you should check out the Clearwater River Casino. You won’t be disappointed.