Celebrate Your Holiday With The Luxury And Entertainment at The Clearwater River Casino

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Celebrate Your Holiday With The Luxury And Entertainment at The Clearwater River Casino

The Clearwater River Casino is a beautiful hotel and casino resort in Clearwater, Florida. This year, visitors will find plenty of new attractions to choose from during their visit to the Clearwater River Casino Hotel.

Amongst the five-star amenities available in this remarkable hotel and casino resort, the lounge is always the center of attention. Guests are sure to appreciate the rich ambiance of the lounge, which includes state-of-the-art electronics, an art gallery, music rooms, relaxing lounges, and many more. The stunningly designed, white cabana area is a perfect location for relaxation. Guests who plan on visiting the Clearwater River Casino Hotel can expect a peaceful and luxurious vacation with the finest food and top-quality services.

The casino area is filled with plenty of entertainment options. Guests can enjoy live entertainment at the Night Club, which features concerts on Saturdays and Sundays, while on holidays there is a delightful Christmas display, featuring snowmen, Santa Claus, reindeer, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and many more. The lobby boasts many gaming tables, as well as top-notch restaurant options and services.

Guests can also take pleasure in bright colors in the pool area. The pool has its own hot tub, hot spa, and an outdoor table tennis table. Guests can enjoy their own beverages on the deck or enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding nature.

Above and beyond the outstanding accommodations and services, the casino also offers other exciting entertainment to delight guests. The casino offers high-tech gaming systems and poker chips. Guests can also enjoy a variety of sports games. There are also gambling options such as baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and the popular video poker.

The hotel at the Clearwater River Casino also serves up exciting dining options, including a fine selection of fine dining. Most of the restaurants offer a variety of menu choices for every budget. Among the most notable food options offered by the hotel and casino are the restaurant styles of Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Thai, and the likes.

Guests can also get free Wi-Fi and complimentary umbrella drinks at the hotel and casino, as well as other dining and spa services. This makes the Clearwater River Casino Hotel a top choice for all those looking for a great stay and a great meal. All this, and some more: There are plenty of amenities for the guest to enjoy their time.

Guests looking for the next great place to enjoy their vacations can find it at the Clearwater River Casino. The hotel’s customer service team can be reached at any time of the day, with trained staff available to help with any questions, and the resort provides all of the amenities that you could possibly want. Enjoy your vacation to the fullest with the family, and enjoy the amazing entertainment offered at the Clearwater River Casino.