Clearwater River Casino Hotel

clearwater river casino hotel

Clearwater River Casino Hotel

The Clearwater River Casino Hotel is a five star Orlando-area hotel that features a unique casino experience for anyone visiting the resort. This casino hotel offers a multitude of amenities for the guests that visit, including an in-house casino where guests can play casino games in the casino itself.

Guests can also enjoy the full dining options offered at the hotel as well as being able to stay close to local attractions. The hotel has restaurants located right in the lobby area and also includes restaurant items from local restaurants like Solari’s Steakhouse as well as delicious seafood from Mote Marine.

In addition to the casino games at the Clearwater River Casino Hotel, guests can also enjoy lounge services. All rooms at the Clearwater casino hotel feature air conditioning, televisions, and cable television service, as well as balconies that offer breathtaking views of the Gulf of Mexico.

Those that visit the Clearwater casino hotel will also be able to take advantage of plenty of entertainment options. For those that enjoy entertainment and casino games, guests can take advantage of the casino games that are available or visit the three indoor game centers within the resort. Guests will be able to try out some of the casino games that are offered as they lounge at the numerous bars at the hotel as well.

There are many different things that visitors can do at the Clearwater casino hotel including seeing exhibits about Florida and the Clearwater River. There are also plenty of shops within the hotel where visitors can get their outfits, accessories, food, and drinks to take home.

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The Clearwater River Casino Hotel offers the visitors in the Tampa area a unique way to enjoy their day out. With the many amenities that are offered, visitors will be sure to be fully entertained during their stay.