Experience the Enchanting Clearwater River Casino

clearwater river casino amp lodge

Experience the Enchanting Clearwater River Casino

The Clearwater River Casino & Lodge are a favorite among anglers from all over the country, as well as those who travel across the country for the weekend. With an exhilarating backwater journey and a refreshing atmosphere, you’ll want to return time again.

You can stay at the Clearwater River Casino & Lodge and take part in the Wild Boar Boil each Saturday and Sunday or the Friday and Saturday during the summer months. There are also several luxury cabins available for rent as well as tent camping. These can be rented for the entire weekend. You can take in the breathtaking scenery along the Clearwater River and even stay out on the boat docks.

While you’re there, don’t forget the wonderful cuisine of the Clearwater River Casino & Lodge. They offer a variety of specialties as well as popular favorites. All food is freshly prepared and cooked. Each location has their own signature dishes which you will likely find tempting to try.

For example, you may be delighted by the beef and vegetable stroganoff which is one of the many specialties of the Clearwater Restaurant & Bar. Another common favorite is the Wild Boar Boil which is also offered as a meatless meal. The Wild Boar Boil has been a regular menu item at the Clearwater Restaurant & Bar for over 25 years and is prepared using fresh ingredients.

Also found at the Clearwater Restaurant & Bar is their award-winning seafood that is plentiful throughout the year. Guests can choose a variety of specialty dishes including crab cakes, salmon, shrimp, mussels, etc. There are several different menus that are available for all guests. This includes appetizers, seafood, Caesar salads, soups, pasta dishes, desserts, salads, and deserts.

In addition to the wonderful dining and entertainment offered at the River Casino & Lodge, they also have a beautiful pool for your enjoyment. Located in the historic region of downtown Clearwater, the Clearwater Pool offers gorgeous views of the Clearwater River and nearby wetlands. Some of the world’s finest professionals oversee the day to day operations of the casino can be fully customized to your specifications.

The Clearwater River Casino & Lodge is conveniently located right in downtown Clearwater. There is a bus service and shuttle service available for your convenience. Your transportation service will pick you up at your home or hotel and drop you off near the casino for your return journey.

While you’re in Clearwater you may also be interested in a tour of the casino with the designers. The River Casino & Lodge are very welcoming to guests who enjoy outdoor activities and recreation. Make reservations now for your next trip to the Clearwater River Casino & Lodge!